The Sound of Games

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We’re diving deep into the world of game audio! Whether it’s foley work, sound effects, music composition, audio production, and more, join Elmer and Darshan as they answer your very own questions on the audio side of game development.

##Timestamps 0:00​​ - Introductions

2:33 - When is the best time, in a development cycle, to consider game audio?

7:18 - What’s a recent in your work that you’re proud of?

13:45 - What are common misconceptions about game audio?

18:56 - How would you define excellent game audio? Any examples?

25:11 - What’s it like to be a project lead manager for a game audio team?

31:08 - How does one start learning or practicing sound design?

41:50 - Any advice for indie devs who have a limited budget for game audio?